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A Person Has Not Truly Been "Born Again" Without it!

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Our Gospel Cassettes, covering a variety of subjects, are free of charge, if you will help with the postage. Postage is $1.00 for the cassette. Fill in this form and send it to us. We will send you an order form by e-mail.

If you want to order MORE than one cassette, or would like to order now, just print this page out and fill in your name and mailing address in the comments area. Mail it to us with your check for shipping - $1.00 for the first cassette, and 50 cents for each additional tape. Mail your order to:

  • Isaiah 58 Broadcast
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  • Burlington, NC 27216 (USA)

Choose the Free Cassette(s) You Want by Checking the Box Beside it, Then Fill In Your Shipping Information Below and Click "Order".

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Tape #Tape Title:Tape Description:
Teaching Tape #1Tape contains following: 1)Tongues the Sign 2) Antichrist 3) Church Membership 4) What is Salvation? 5) Baptism 6) Communion
Teaching Tape #2Tape contains following: 1) Christ or Christianity? 2) Works 3) The Blood of Christ 4) Keys of the Kingdom 5) The True Sabbath 6) The Promise
Teaching Tape #3Tape contains following: 1) The Trinity Standard 2) The Word of God 3) The Law 4) All Things 5) Politics...In or Out? 6) Taking the Lord's Name in Vain
Question and Answer Tape #1Questions and Answers from radio segments aired on the "Isaiah 58 Radio Broadcast" discussing the New Birth, and other false doctrines being promoted in Christianity which are confusing God's people. Very interesting and informative material
The New Birth TapeA compilation of preaching and teaching segments explaining why the baptism of the holy Ghost is the New Birth. Also, some good interviews and questions and answer segments are included.
"Coming Out" Sampler Tape (Part 1)The Spirit of God is calling those who have the holy Ghost OUT of what is now known as Christianity. These challenging messages will bring relief to those who wonder why they cannot feel at home in any of Christianity's "churches".
Coming Out (Part 2)Continuation of above series, but more intense and expanded teachings.
Antichrist Sampler TapeThis tape has fascinating messages on "Antichrist" - the spirit that John said "was here already". Also includes other samples of our radio broadcasts.
Politics Sampler TapeA sampler tape of messages on the danger of the Church's trend towards political involvement (comes with related printed materials).
Salvation Sampler TapeA sampler tape of messages exposing Christianity's "getting saved" heresy. PLEASE, get this tape, for it truly will "save" you --- in the end!
Baptism and other ordinances Sampler TapeA sampler tape which discusses the ordinances which Jesus did not ordain for the church, but which are practiced by many of God's people, including baptism, communion, and other vain religious ceremonies. The truth is in the spirit - not the flesh! Get this set today!
Destruction by RedefinitionA live preaching cassette dealing with the subtle "redefinitions" that many in Christianity have received. The result has been a confusion for those desiring to worship Jesus in Spirit and in truth - but Jesus will set us free!
#ROM 1-6
Romans StudyThis fantastic 6-part tape series on Romans contains most of the primary doctrines which Pentecostals MUST know in order to make it through this life! (Note: When you order, you will receive the first tape of the set only, with relevant study notes. Parts 2-6 may be ordered one per month following, also free of charge, pay postage only.)
#REV 1-6
Revelation StudyThis six part in-depth look at the prophetic book of Revelation is for the serious Bible student who is looking to understand future events as they were written, and will actually occur, rather than what is taught by most to fit a particular brand of theology. (Note: When you order, you will receive the first tape of the set only, with relevant study notes. Parts 2-6 may be ordered one per month following, also free of charge, pay postage only.)
Teaching Tape-of-the Month SubscriptionSign up for our free "Tape-of-the-Month" teaching series. To receive these you MUST first have received one of our "Sampler Sets" (and loved it!). We will send you the current monthly tape, and add your e-mail to our Tape-of-the-Month Newsletter for future offers. These tapes are not for the faint of heart. If you want to be challenged; if you want the truth and nothing BUT the truth (even if it hurts) - tighten your spiritual seatbelts and sign up today!
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IMPORTANT NOTE: We want to send these materials to people who are SEEKING GOD ONLY! That means you are a person of INTEGRITY and have no problem paying the postage cost of $1.00 for the cassette (write "Send Me an Order Form" in box below)

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