The Commandments of Jesus, Part Three

Collected By John David Clark, Sr. - December, 1993

This is the third and last in a series of Broadcasters which examines the commandments of the Lord Jesus. Outside of the Sermon on the Mount and the instructions Jesus gave concerning the last days, these are all the direct commandments I found in Mark, Luke, and John.

Legend: M = Matthew K = Mark L = Luke J = John


K.4:24a Pay close attention to this: The standard by which you will be judged will be that of your own making. As you judge others, so will you be judged.

K.7:14-16 I command you to listen to me! And understand! Nothing physical that enters into a man taints his soul. Sin comes from man's heart. What a man does defiles him, not what he eats. M.15:10-11

K.8:15 Be careful that the hypocrisy of Christians and the pride of great men do not find a way into your heart.

K.8:34 Whoever follows me must choose to do the will of God over his own will.

K.9:35 If you want to be the greatest, you must be able to minister to anyone, yet maintain a low profile. You must learn to minister to others without being noticed.

K.9:49-50 Have the quality of forbearance which makes for peace.

K.10:42-45 I will not allow the rulers in my church to rule as the unbelievers do. They abuse those over whom they have authority. It will not be that way in my kingdom. Those who would have positions of authority in the church must be the humblest of all, servants to the rest, and surrender all hope of vain glory. Minister spiritual strength and wisdom to the brethren, if you want to be great. M.20:25-27

K.11:22 Have faith in God.

K.11:24 Have faith when you pray, and God will give you what your heart desires.

K.11:25 When you pray, forgive anyone who has done evil to you, so that your heavenly Father may also forgive you for your wrongs.

K.12:38-40 Be suspicious of biblical scholars who make a big show of their religion, wearing distinctive garments and bearing lofty titles. They love praise from men and they occupy the most conspicuous seats of honor. They pray long prayers to impress people, and by their doctrines they steal the money of the poor. The hottest flames of damnation are reserved for them.


L.8:18 Pay attention to this. In the judgment, he who has been unfaithful will lose even the little he has, and it will be given to the faithful servants of God.

L.9:23 If any man wants to follow me, let him daily obey the will of God for his life, as I have obeyed my Father's will for mine.

L.10:19-20 If you rejoice at all, rejoice in this, that your names are written by God in His book of life. Compared to that grace, spiritual gifts and power are not even worthy of causing joy.

L.10:25-37 Do good for every one you can do good for.

L.11:9 Ask, seek, and knock, for the Holy Spirit.

L.11:34-36 Be very careful that once you have been enlightened and given a pure heart that your heart remains pure and your light continues to shine. If your heart becomes divided between love for God and love of the things of this world, your light will go out.

L.12:1-2 You must be cautious where religious men are concerned, for their doctrines and their attitudes can destroy your communion with God. They forget that every secret thing will be brought to light.

L.12:4-7, 32 Do not fear anyone who cannot throw you into hell, but fear God. Still, you need not live in fear of His intentions toward you. It will give God great pleasure to give you a part in His kingdom. God very much wants to share His kingdom with you.

L.12:15 Be very cautious against covetousness. You are not what you own.

L.12:33-34 Give your earthly things to those who need them.

L.12:35-40 Always be prepared for the coming of the Son of Man, for you do not know when he is returning.

L.13:24 Many will desire to enter into God's kingdom, but will be unable to pay the price. You must labor earnestly to enter the kingdom of God.

L.14:8-11 When you are invited to a cook-out or a dinner, do not choose out the most conspicuous seats. Sit apart in a seat which means nothing to anyone.

L.14:12-14 When you have a cook-out or a big supper, invite the very poor, and the disabled, for they cannot reward you for your generosity.

L.16:1-9 Use money to make earthly friends.

L.17:3-4 Guard your hearts! If your brother sins against you, tell him so. And regardless of how often it happens, if he repents, forgive him.

L.20:22-25 Pay every tax which is due the government, and hold nothing back from God that is rightfully His. K.12:13-17

L.20:45-47 Watch out for those who are experts in the Bible, the ones who make a grand appearance and seem to be close to God. Do not be impressed with their long prayers. The hottest flames of damnation are reserved for just such men.

L.22:19-20 Behave as I did while I was here among you, in remembrance of me and what I did for you.

L.22:24-27 If you would be great in God's kingdom, you must be willing to be small in the eyes of men.

L.22:35-36 You will have to be careful and take care of yourself, in those things that you can do.


J.3:7 You will be forever lost unless God completely reconstructs your personality.

J.4:24 The only acceptable manner of worship of God is worship which is according to His truth and from your heart.

J.6:27 Trust God to provide your daily needs. Put your efforts into obtaining the knowledge of God and doing His will. Do not spend your life pursuing earthly needs.

J.7:24 Do not judge anything by what you hear or what you see, but trust instead what the Spirit tells you.

J.7:37 If anyone longs to know God and be close to Him, he must come to me, and I will fill him with God's ways.

J.12:26 Be as I am if you want to be my servant.

J.12:35-36 While there is one in your presence who has been enlightened by God, listen to him and believe what he tells you, lest the days come when you long for the light and cannot find it.

J.13:14 Every person who follows me must minister to others who follow me.

J.13:34 Love one another, as I have loved you.

J.14:1 Do not be intimidated. Trust me.

J.14:15 If you love me, do what I tell you to do.

J.14:27 Do not be intimidated or fearful.

J.15:9-10 Continue in the holy love I have shown you. And if you obey me, you will continue in it.

J.15:12 Love one another, as I have loved you.

J.16:24 When I have united you with my Father, ask the Father for what is in your heart. He will do it.

J.16:33 Stay happy, even though living in this world will be difficult. I have conquered everything this world has to offer you.

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