1. On Oppression
2. Salvation
3. On Dying
4. On Receiving the Spirit
5. On Being Reasonable
6. On the Witness
7. On the Second Death
8. On the Church
9. On Bruised Reeds
10. On Politics and the Church: Returning to Egypt

11. On Receiving the Messenger
12. On Romans 10:9-10
13. On Marriage and Divorce
14. On the Keys of the Kingdom
15. On...The Question
16. On The Call
17. On The Rest
18. On Works
19. On Being Taken
20. On The Blood

21. On Knowing The Bible
22. ----------
23. Are You Born Again?
24. On Church Membership
25. On the Death of a True Pastor
26. Charter of the Pioneer Tract Society
27. Suffering and the Saints
28. On "What Must I Do To Be Saved?"
29. On Solomon's Wisdom
30. On P.T.L. and Oppression

31. On The Flood's Lesson
32. On The Washing Away of Sins
33. The Law
34. The Law, Part 2
35. The Law, Part 3
36. The Law, Part 4
37. The Law, Part 5
38. The Law, Part 6
39. The Father and the Son
40. Is Jesus God?

41. Jesus' Messages to the Seven Messengers: Revelation 2,3
42. "Ye Must Be Born Again
43. The True Sabbath
44. Concerning Your Work
45. Standards
46. On Tongues
47. Unequally Yoked in Worship
48. What Do I Really Believe?
49. Spiritual Influence
50. Marriage and Divorce

51. Crucified with Christ
52. The Good of Government
53. Jezreel
54. On Feelings
55. Saved?
56. Is Jesus Good Enough?
57. Works
58. Games
59. Seven Pillars
60. The Lusts of the Devil

61. The Time Draweth Near?
62. Returning to Egypt
63. "It Isn't Me"
64. On Being Just
65. The Vineyard of God
66. Unknown Tongues
67. Making a Deal
68. The Word of God
69. Homosexuality and the Bible
70. A Vision

71. Questions
72. Christianity or Christ!
73. What Makes Holy?
74. What Price, Ahab?
75. At Dan
76. The Commandments of Jesus
77. The Commandments of Jesus, Part 2
78. The Commandments of Jesus, Part 3
79. On Mt. Gilboa
80. The Manner of Beer-sheba

81. Trinity or Travesty
82. Biblical Geography and History
83. The God And Father of Jesus
84. A Call To Repentance
85. The Fellowship of His Sufferings
86. The Sabbath
87. Envy at En-Gedi
88. The Antichrist
89. How to Hate Sin
90. Can You Believe It?

91. The Nations of the Bible: Amalekites
92. The Nations of the Bible: Moab and Ammon
93. The Nations of the Bible: Edom
94. The Nations of the Bible: Assyria
95. Revelation (1)
96. Revelation (2)
97. Revelation (3)
98. The Fullness of Time
99. Sanctification
100. On Learning

101. Nebuchadnezzar's Image
102. The Third Throne
103. On Hatred
104. The God's of The Gentiles
105. Yahweh, God of The Christians
106. ------------
107. The Gates of Hell
108. The Salvation of God
109. It Is Not Black or White: It is Jesus
110. Who Is Lost?

111. Some Other Way
112. Who Is Really The Greater (that is the more blessed)?
114. On Receiving Tithes and Offerings
115. Seven Lies That The Children of God Believe
On Receiving the Spirit

By John David Clark, Sr. - September, 1987

"When Did I receive the Spirit?" young Earl Pittman asked. "And how does a person know that he has it?" A devoted member of his local church, he had been made curious by reading the book of Acts and the other New Testament scriptures. The biblical characters seemed so positive about receiving the Spirit. Yet, the answers he received from his fellow members seemed as confused and as uncertain about it as he was. "You received the Sprirt when you confessed your sins", said one. "When you were baptized", said another. "When you joined the Church", "When you went down to the altar", "When you shook hands with the minister." How was Earl to find his answer?

He was considered by some to be the best member of the congregation, but all he felt was an unsettling need to know for certain whether or not he had God's Spirit living in him. "Just take it by faith", some would say. But there was no example in the Scriptures of anyone "taking it by faith" that they had the Spirit. They received the Spirit by faith in God (Gal.3:2), yes, but that was an experience received because of their faith. It was not merely an assumption that the Spirit had come in.

Brother Earl's search led him to a prayer meeting where he heard remarkable testimonies of healing, saw people actually praising God, not after a form or pattern, but sincerely from the heart, and he heard people telling about receiving, or being baptized with, the holy Ghost. These people spoke plainly and forcefully about the experience of receiving the Spirit, just as the characters in the Bible did. Something in the sincere tone of their voices and the conviction of their spirits communicated the same faith which the Bible's pages had communicated to Earl. When he asked questions of these people, he got no contradictory or evasive answers. On the contrary, the answers he received challenged him to obey God and receive the baptism of the holy Ghost, as Paul challenged some Ephesian disciples nearly two millenia ago: "Have ye received the holy Ghost since ye believed?"

This young believer's curiosity and gnawing hunger to know God led him back to the little home prayer meeting again and again. About a year later, with the saints all praying, Earl received the Spirit, and like those in the Bible whose experiences had so often convicted his heart, he began to worship God in a language he had not learned. God has blessed Earl with a compelling testimony of his own, to help light the way for other searching souls who are humbly willing to go God's way, if they can only find it.

But the issue remains, how does one know when he receives the Spirit? Does everyone who receives the holy Ghost begin to speak in a language he has not learned? I have written down some thoughts on the matter, with an abundance of scriptual references, for those of you who want to study this. It is in the fifth and final chapter of my little book, Pentecostal Light.

"The Pioneer Tract Society" is actually a body of believers, a church, who, with tithes and offerings, support its publishing work and are committed to the standards of holiness which the Scriptures and the Spirit make clear. Every member is baptized with the holy Ghost. Every member is required to (and desires to) pay his or her bills, that the unbelieving community may not by our misconduct reproach the name of Jesus. This requirement also promotes living within one's means. Every member is required to behave, to dress, to speak as becomes holiness, in moderation and sensibleness. We have our occasional problems and issues, as do all the churches in every place, but as pastor of the flock, I praise my God for the joyful, committed, loving, and discerning saints who labor with me at the Pioneer Tract Society for your sakes. And I wanted to take this opportunity to boast of them to you. If you ever have any questions concerning our work, let us have them. We really are blessed by the notes you send us, and every single prayer request, unless you desire otherwise, is read to the Church when we meet, and we all pray.

Earl Pittman is one of the members of the Pioneer Tract Society. He and the rest of us want you to be blessed, and to know that God can resolve the puzzling questions of your heart. We are carrying on this publishing work out of gratitude for God's blessing on our lives. We know that God is more than able to give you the peace of a satisfied mind. We believe in prayer.

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