John David Clark, Sr. - May, 1995

The order of events in Revelation is easily discerned. There are three groups of seven events which were ordained to come upon the earth before the end of this age. They are designated by these terms: The Seven Seals, The Seven Trumpets, and The Seven Last Plagues. This month, we will concentrate on the first group, The Seven Seals.


The First Four Seals

Seals #1 - 4 are what Jesus called "The Beginning of Sorrows". In our time, the earth has just begun to pass through first things.

SEAL #1 speaks of the increased efforts of deception which Satan, through Christianity, unleashes against men near the end of this age. A key sign of this great uprising of deceivers in the name of Jesus is that they will proclaim that the time for Jesus's return is at hand. Anyone who has paid any attention at all to Christian sermonizing over the last few decades knows that the imminent return of Jesus has been a central theme. Obviously, this first Seal has already "been opened".

SEAL #2 being opened, frightening spirits of war, fear of more war, and strife are released upon the earth. The feeling of security is taken away from the inhabitants of the earth. This sense of insecurity has in our time virtually covered the globe, including this country, and is still on the rise. We apparently are living during the time when this Second Seal is being fully opened.

SEAL #3 speaks of a massive social re-organization. The structures for food supplies and for wages earned is redefined and balanced. We may look for this as the next big event in world history. Exactly what shape this re-organization will take isn't yet clear to me. From the text, it appears that there is to be a balancing of income with food, or maybe payment for a day's work will be with a day's supply of food instead of with money. We'll understand it when it happens.

SEAL #4 describes a catastrophic human disaster. One fourth of the earth is given over to death. This event will follow the economic restructuring described in Seal #3.

The Last Three Seals

SEAL #5 prophesies of terrible persecution of the saints, of betrayal and apostasy on a massive scale, of slaughter of multitudes of righteous men and women. This is what Jesus called "Great Tribulation", and the earth has not witnessed such an event as this yet.

SEAL #6 reveals that, for a time, the sun will be turned black and the moon will become like blood. Stars will fall from the sky to the earth, and an earthquake so fiercely shakes the earth that every island and mountain on earth and in the sea is shaken from its original position. Thus will men suffer God's wrath because of the persecution of His people.

When SEAL #7 is opened, seven angels are given seven trumpets to blow, and the stage is then set for the next group of seven major events to occur: The Seven Trumpets.

Here is a summary chart of THE SEVEN SEALS, with some verses from the gospels which are relevant to the verses in Revelation:



The Seven Seals and Jesus' discussion of the last days


Event Mt.24 Mk.13 Lk.21 Related


1st Seal


White Horse:

Christianity grows and

the souls of men are conquered.

:4-5 :5-6 :8 2Cor.11:13-15

The Precious Stones:

cp. Ex.28:6-10, 15-21 with Ezek.28:11-17 & Isa.14:12-14

2nd Seal


Red Horse:

wars and unrest

:6-7a :7-8a :9-10  
3rd Seal


Black Horse:

Food and money are balanced,

and the mysterious "oil" and

"wine" are to be unharmed.

- - -  
4th Seal


Pale Green Horse:

1/4 of earth given to death.

:7b :8b :11a  
Jesus called the first four Seals "The Beginning of Sorrows" for the earth.
5th Seal


"a short season"

"Great Tribulation" :9-28 :9-23


:12-24 Mt.13:40-43; 24:22

Luke 21:11b-19

6th Seal

6:12 - 7:17

Chapter 6: The sun turns black, the moon turns bloody, "stars" fall, and a great earthquake shakes the earth, moving every mountain and island from its place.

Chapter 7: No wind is allowed to move until 144,000 servants of God are sealed.

:29 :24-25 :25-26 Joel 2:28-31
7th Seal


There is silence in heaven as seven trumpets are given to the seven angels which stand before God. - - - -

Despite what we hear from so many quarters in Christianity, the time for Jesus to return is not now. There is much which must yet come to pass. There are five more of the Seven Seals yet to come, and then there are what are called in Revelation the Seven Trumpets. According to Paul, Jesus will not return for his saints until "the last trumpet". Thanks to Revelation, we know how many trumpets there are and what will happen when each one blows.

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