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"Yahweh...the false god of christians"

It is almost breath-taking what God continues to show us about "false" religion. The first time I heard the word "YAHWEH", was in the seminary in the mid-seventies. Now, that name is accepted as the name of God in all of "liberal" Christianity, and is more slowly and surely being accepted in every Christian sect, and even among Pentecostals. Why "Yahweh" instead of Jehovah? Here is the explanation, as delivered to me by the professors of Hebrew at the Baptist seminary:

The name of God revealed to Moses (Exodus 6:3) is made up of four letters, In theological circles, it is called a "tetragrammaton"; that is a Greek word meaning "four letters". In the reading of the Bible, the Jews, we are told by tradition, had so much reverence for God that they were forbidden to so much as speak "the name" of God when it was found in the text. So they contrived various means to circumvent it. Instead of saying "Thus saith YHWH (English letters for example's sake)", it became "Thus saith the name" when read aloud. Supposedly, generations passed; no one ever spoke the name, and eventually no one remembered how to pronounce it.

According to this "theory", now accepted as fact by multitudes of Christians, the Massoretic text borrowed the vowels from the Hebrew word for Lord. This made the tetragrammaton to be pronounced, in English form, "Jehovah". Whether this is the way "Jehovah" came about, nobody knows for sure.

But modern scholars were not satisfied. They felt they could improve upon the name, bring it closer to it's original form, even if no one could say for certain what it was. The vowel pointings, now dismissed as "untrustworthy Massoretic guesswork" by modern scholars, were now replaced with the "modern scholar's guesswork"! The result was that the pronunciation of the tetragrammaton was no longer to be the antiquated "Jehovah", but the more likely "Yahweh". There is no "J" sound in Hebrew, and the "V" sound is pronounced as a "W" sound, so everyone in higher scholastic circles approved of this modern "improvement".

Now, to change subjects for a moment...

We know that the gods of the ancient world were in fact demons (according to the Apostle Paul in 1Cor.10:20). For me to say that actually might not have bothered educated philosophers of the ancient world. These ancient scholars thought demons to be harmless - even helpful - "influencing spirits"; as "gods" to be honored. However, Moses's and Paul's view of those "gods" (demons) was quite different, for they had learned from God that these demon gods were evil and not to be trusted. We find that the "chief of demons" (because all "other gods" ARE demons), was in Greek, called "Zeus" (the Greek's god). This same god was revered among the Romans with the Latin name "Jupiter". But what was Jupiter's OTHER NAME?! His other name was just as popular, and any layman can search this out by looking in a good dictionary to see if I am telling you the truth . . . his Latin name was "JOVE".

Now, just as in Hebrew, Latin has no "J" sound. Latin "J" is pronounced as the English "Y". Moreover, there is no "V" sound. "V" in Latin is pronounced as the English "W". Thirdly, if a Latin word ends with an "E", it is pronounced as a short "eh" sound. And fourthly, a short "O" sound (such as in the word "Jove") is something like "AH". If we pronounce "JOVE" as the ancient Romans would have done, according to what we have been taught, it would be very close to, if not the same as "Yahweh".

This god of Christianity, Yahweh, IS the Roman chief of demons. He wants us to worship him, that he "may be like God", his desire from the beginning. All this time I have been thinking that Christian scholars were "perverting" the truth, when they were, again, telling it! When will we learn to stop quarrelling with what Christians are confessing?! The god Christianity worships, reveals to the sincere child of God, what Christianity is!

Christianity, in all its forms and sects, is the "Roman Empire". An empire the prophets spoke about, but not for good. "Yahweh" is it's "god"... but it's god is not the God who was the father of Jesus. If you have accepted this "Yahweh" of Christianity, we urge you to seek this matter out very carefully. Your eternal soul depends on it. Men have deceived you. That is why the Spirit of God is calling all those who have the holy Ghost (the real one, that speaks in tongues when it enters your temple and "confesses Christ"), to "come out" of that religion. Jesus did not call us into "Christianity". He called us into the body of Christ, where there is safety from the wrath of God, which shall fall upon, not only Christianity, but every other religion which does not worship Jesus "in Spirit and in truth".

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