This Web Site Is For Those Who Have Received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the
Evidence of Speaking in other Tongues, (or those who are seeking this new birth experience!)
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Isaiah 58's Free Gospel Resources On-Line
If You Want to Know More About Speaking in Tongues &
the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, You're at the Right Place...

FREE Adobe PDF Gospel Tracts Available for INSTANT Download!

Why wait to get gospel tracts in the mail, when you can select these online versions in PDF Format? Simply download and print! These downloads are absolutely free.

The only difference between these and the real tracts we mail is that they do not tri-fold for distribution. Other than that, they are the real thing and you'll be just as blessed! Select from available titles below. Just click to download, or right mouse click link, and select "save target":

  1. How I Received the holy Ghost
  2. Jesus is Coming Again
  3. Ye Must Be Born Again
  4. Stir Up the Gift of God
  5. The World's Most Dreaded Hour

  6. What is Salvation?
  7. Stand Still in Jordan
  8. The Returned Father
  9. Grieved Hearts
  10. The Second Death

  11. The Father and the Son
  12. All Things
  13. Cancer Conquered
  14. The Church?
  15. How Shall The Preach Except They Be Sent

  16. Have Your Received the Holy Ghost Since Ye Believed?
  17. Patience
  18. Alone With God
  19. Tithes an Offerings
  20. Prayer

  21. The True Sabbath
  22. The Besetting Sin
  23. The Cry of the Righteous
  24. What Will the Harvest Be?
  25. Marriage and Divorce

  26. Keys of the Kingdom

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