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Why is there so Much Suffering in the World?You've all heard this question. Here, pastor John answers it with the wisdom of the Spirit.
Did Jesus Receive the Baptism of the holy Ghost?Many people ask whether Jesus spoke in tongues or was baptized with the Spirit. Here the answer is given with scripture references.
How Can One Know the Truth?As important as knowing the Bible is, this kind of knowledge alone will not lead one to, or keep one in the truth. For that, only the Spirit will do!
Will Every Born Again Person Be Saved?Is there such a thing as "once saved, always saved? Here the dilemma is solved, and the truth revealed.
Are the Father and the Son Equal?Some claim that the Father and the Son are one, or that they are equal. Or, that there is only ONE person in heaven! Read the truth on this subject.
Who Are the "Fathers of Christianity"?Who are the men that started the religion of Christianity? Was Christianity ever pure, and were it's founders following Christ? These questions are answered here.
How Have God's People Been Scattered?God has cursed His people because they have forgotten their life in the Spirit. Where has He scattered them? The answer will surprise you - and will bless you if you follow the truth and be healed by the Spirit of God.
What Are the Keys of the Kingdom?Jesus gave Peter some keys! But most don't understand what these keys were, or how Peter used them. Throw out your old Christian ideas, and find out how the apostle Peter introduced all the peoples of the word to the kingdom of God.
When Were the Samaritans Born Again?In the book of Acts, some Samaritans were introduced to the gospel by Philip. But John and Peter were sent from Jerusalem, because they were missing something: the born again experience! Find out when the Samaritans were born again in this good article.
What Part Does Man Play in the Gospel?Men are so proud, they think the "gospel" depends on them! The truth is that God alone has created his Gospel, and by His power, He carries it out.
Does the Bible Call Itself God's Word?Does the Bible ever call itself the "word of God". Or is the word of God something else entirely? Read here, what the word of God is and how one can hear it.
Did the Disciples Receive the Spirit in John 20:22?Some wrongly teach that Jesus "breathed on the disciples" in this verse, and that they received the Spirit. Find out why it was impossible for ANYONE to receive the Spirit until much later!
Is it Possible to be Free From Sin?There are those who teach that living uprightly is an impossibility. The truth is that being free from sin is a "requirement". Find out how God can give you the power to live free from sin.
Are You Ready to Meet God?A sobering thought. Is your life perfect? Are you ready to meet God, and be judged for the deeds done in your body? Find out in this article why a person must live right to be saved in the end.
Is Conversion Possible Without Tongues?Can a person be truly converted WITHOUT speaking in tongues? Find out in this article why tongues is the proof of conversion, and why nobody is born again without that holy experience.
Is Jesus' Return Near?False ministers are teaching us that Jesus "could return any minute". Find out why such men are liars, and why the return of Jesus is still years away. Don't be taken in by such men - they're after something you have!
Who is Really Seeking God?Many claim to be "seeking God", but when we seek God we will hear a voice. The voice of the Spirit. And the Spirit is saying "come out of her my people". Find out why those who are "seeking God" are coming out of Christianity.
Have You Received the Spirit's "Witness"?Jesus said the Spirit would "testify" of him, because the Spirit "speaks". Did the Spirit speak in you when it came in? Find out what the "witness" of the Spirit is, and how to receive it.
Should We "Go Witnessing"?Does the Bible tell followers of Jesus to "go out witnessing"? What is this "tradition" that has developed among believers, but which was never ordained by the Spirit of God?
What is the Kingdom of Heaven?What is the kingdom of heaven, and how does one get in it? You can find out the answer to this vital question which Paul answered in Romans 14:17.
When Was Peter Born Again?When was Peter "born again"? Why is knowing the answer to this question so vital to knowing when a person is born again today? Few ever stop to think of asking when the disciples were born again, much to their own hurt.
What is the Great Falling Away?To fall away, one only need to stand still when the Spirit of God is moving forward! Find out in this article what the "great falling away" is, and whether you are in it or not!
Will We Win Our Household for Christ?Many teach that when we become children of God that our families will too. Find out what the scritpures really say so you will not lose heart!
Are Tongues Only for "Some" in the Body of Christ?Some teach that speaking in tongues is a gift that only "some" have, and that others in the body do not. However, Paul also said "faith" was a gift - is that also something some in the body do NOT have? Of course not! All in the body of Christ speak in tongues - find out why here.
How is the Sabbath Kept Today?The Bible spoke about a "Sabbath" day. In the Old Testament, the Sabbath was a day of "rest", but also a "type" of something God wanted new covenant believers to understand and experience in their lives. Find out about it here.
What is the New Birth Experience?Many claim to be "born again", but when Jesus coined that phrase, he had an "experience" in mind. What IS the "born again" experience, who was REALLY been born again, and how can we KNOW it?
How Many Brands of Faith Are There?The Bible says there is ONE faith, but Christianity has thousands of "versions" or "denominations"! Why is there only ONE faith, and what must one do to be a part of the ONE faith?
Can Sins Be Forgiven Before the Baptism of the Spirit?Find out why sins CANNOT be cleansed prior to the baptism of the holy Ghost. This article is very "reasonable", and will explain why NOBODY'S sins are forgiven until a person receives the baptism of the holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.
What is Withdrawing from the Disorderly?Withdrawing from the disorderly is NOT merely departing from sinners. The righteous will withdraw themselves from the disorderly in the BODY, and that is something few believers today understand.
What is RECEIVING the holy Spirit?Many are falsely claiming to have RECEIVED the Spirit, when in fact, the Spirit has never entered their bodies at all! Why must the evidence of speaking in other tongues occur, for one to know they have truly received it? These and other questions answered here.
Are There Two Baptisms?Why does the Bible say that now, there is ONE baptism, but most ministers are practicing two? Find out WHY there is only one baptism for the Body of Christ, and why men are not obeying Jesus in this matter!
Is Overeating a Sin?Why are we willing to say that "drunkards" will be cast out, when "gluttons" is mentioned in the same manner, yet many of God's people are grossly overweight? Find out how you can master "overeating" and the sin of gluttony, and why it is vital that you do!
Who Are Believers to Worship With?Why are Spirit filled believers NOT to worship with those who do not have the baptism of the holy Ghost (with the evidence of other tongues) - and why is this a commandment for every believer? More importantly, what has resulted from our disobedience?
What is the Sound of the Spirit?Jesus said in John 3, that you would hear the sound of the Spirit in EVERY one who receives it. What is this "sound" the Spirit makes? Find out in this good question and answer article.
How Will God Divide the Body of Christ?In the end, God will divide the faithful from the unfaithful in the body. How will he do this, and how can you prepare not to be "left out"?
What Does God Think of Denominations?Does God approve of Christian denominations, or does he hate them? Why do men form denominations, and what can really be done to bring unity to the body of Christ?
Are Spirit Filled Believers Better than Others?When a person receives the holy Ghost baptism, does that make them "better" than others? What benefit is there in this experience, and what kind of feelings does it bring about one's standing in Christ Jesus?
Does Every Believer Have the Holy Ghost?When a person is "born again" do they always receive the holy Ghost baptism? Find out why one cannot claim to be born again without it!
Can Born Again Believers Be Lost?Is it possible for the person who has been born again to be lost forever? Or is it "once saved always saved? Find out what the Bible and the Spirit is saying about this issue.
What's Wrong With Christian Churches?Why is God calling every Spirit-filled perosn OUT of Christian churches? What is going on in there that is so wrong, and why does God want you on the outside of them?
How Can One Receive the Holy Ghost Baptism?Receiving the holy Ghost baptism is what happens every time one truly repents... so ultimately it is a matter between you and God. But here are some helpful hints to prepare you mind and heart for the "new birth" experience.
How Can We Overcome Evil Influences?God's people are "pressured" every day by influences that keep them from being led by the Spirit. Find out in this good article how to overcome evil influences in every instance.
Is "Being Saved" the Same as "Being Born Again"?Why is it wrong to "claim" salvation just because one has been born again? What is the difference between "salvation" and "conversion"? These important questions and more answered here.
What is Government in the Body of Christ?The body for the most part has no government... and that is why we are divided and confused. What is true government, and how can the body of Christ return to it? Find out here!
Is It Sinful to Complain?Job complained. David complained? But what did they complain about, and why did God bless them for it? Israel complained also... and they were cursed for it. How to complain and please God!
Where Should God's People Go To Worship?Such a question is asked because God's people do not know HOW to worship! Find out the ONLY acceptable place of worship to God in this covenant, and how to get there.
What is the New Covenant?Many live under terms of the Old Covenant (the law), when God has given the his people a NEW covenant - which is the baptism of the holy Ghost! Find out why most of God's people are still living in the past, and displeasing God because of it.
What is Fellowship? Fellowship is not what Christianity calls it! Fellowship is something that is only possible among those who have been Spirit-baptized. Find out why in this informative article.
Is God Pleased With the Body of Christ?Of course not! Find out why God hates the denominations, divisions, and confusion which reigns among HIS people today, and how to change it!
How Can One Get Stirred Up For God?How can the child of God get the fire stirred up in his soul, and stay happy in God? Find out how to in this article, and best of all, how to stay that way!
Are You Telling Me To Leave My Church?Yes! If you go to a "Christian" church, you will never hear the whole truth there, for only a measure of it is allowed. Find out WHY the holy Ghost filled child of God MUST leave the place he attends now to prosper in the Lord.
Who Are the Seed of the Lord?God promised Abraham that he would have a "seed"; God promised Jesus HE would have a "seed" - yet he was never married nor fathered children! Who are the "seed" of God... a clue - the seed is NOT a Christian!
How Do We Prepare for Eternity?Are you really preparing to meet God, and to be judged to find out where you will spend eternity? Find out how are deeds in this life WILL be judged, despite what false ministers will "assure you" of!
Is the Devil Responsible For Our Troubles?God has been called the devil when he brings problems so many times, he probably doesn't take it personally any more!! Who IS responsible for our trials and sufferings? The devil - or God?
Do You Really Know the Bible?Do you really know the BIBLE, or merely the creeds, doctrines, and traditions of your denomination? Find out what you REALLY know in this good questions/answer formatted article!
When Are Sins Remitted?Many people are told that their sins are washed away before they really are. Why does it take more than "believing" to have sins remitted, and what is the difference between the way sins were forgiven in the Old Testament and now, and why is it even important to consider this issue?
How Are Believers Sealed By God?The baptism of the holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues is the "seal" of God. Nobody is God's without this seal... find out why in this powerful article.
Is it Righteous To Hate?God wants His holy Ghost filled people to have a great deal of hate. But constantly, God's people are told not to. You will find out how to hate righteously in this very good article.
Who Has Really Received Jesus?Many claim to have "received Jesus". The truth is that nobody has actually received Jesus unless they have received the one he sent. Have you received Jesus' messenger, and the only one you CAN receive to follow God in Spirit and in truth?
What is Taking the Name of the Lord In Vain?Many teach that using Jesus or God in a cursive way is "taking the name of the Lord in vain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Find out why, in this excellent teaching article.
Did Jesus Really Make it to Heaven?How can one really know that Jesus made it to heaven? After all, we cannot see him, and we have no real proof. That is, except for ONE thing. What is this "proof" that is there for all to see and experience?
What is Salvation Insanity?The children of God are "insanely" required to believe things that are non-sensible. When Jesus comes, he will bring his "salvation" with him. If such is the case, why are God's people asked to believe the impossible - that they are saved already?! Find out in this excellent article.
Can Conversion Occur Without Tongues?Is it possible for a person to be born of the Spirit, without receiving the baptism of the holy Ghost? An important issue, and discussed completely and scripturally in this article.
Is the True Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday?There is a reason that Christianity has factions that disagree on which day is the Sabbath? Did God ever change the Sabbath day from Saturday to Sunday? Or is the Sabbath NOW even a day of the week? Find out here!
Is Jesus Equal to God?Are Jesus and the Father equal? Are they two persons of a divine entity? Is God greater than Jesus? Good Biblical discussion of this often misunderstood issue.
Who is the Whore of Revelation?The identity of this "mother of harlots" is clearly exposed in this fascinating article. Very interesting reading for all students of Revelation and other future issues.
When Was Peter Born Again?Very few know the answer to this question. When Jesus said to Peter, "when thou art 'converted', strengthen thy brethren", what was Jesus telling Peter? Answers to this question in this doctrinally sound article.
Have Tongues Ceased?It is almost foolishness to have to debate this issue, but the foolish still ask the question. Here are biblical answers as to why tongues have never ceased, and why without them, one is not in the body of Christ at all!
What is God Calling His People Out Of?In Rev. 18:1-5, God is calling to HIS people to come out of something they have gone into. What have those with the holy Ghost gone into that is displeasing to God? There is only ONE answer, and you will find it in this fascinating article.
Why Does One Need the Spirit's Testimony?Why is it foolish for men to claim to have the Spirit of God prior to speaking in tongues? Scriptural and practical evidence given here.
How Do "Works" Justify Us?When James says we are "justified by works", he meant it! Why do some teach that "works" are irrelevant toward salvation? This article will clear these issues up for you!
What is the Purpose of Speaking in Tongues?Many teach wrong ideas about the purpose in tongues, supposing is it only a "gift". What is the REAL purpose of tongues for this generation?
Must Born Again People Suffer?Many teach that the righteous will never suffer, while the apostles taught that suffering is a means to fellowship with Christ. If you live holy, you WILL suffer - find out why!
What is "The Promise"Jesus said that he would send "the promise of the Father" to all who believe. What is this promise to all who truly believe?
What is God's Witness?The scriptures are replete with the fact that God will send a witness every time the holy Ghost comes into a person. What is "God's Witness"?
Are the holy Ghost and the holy Spirit the Same?Some people teach that a person receives the holy Spirit, and later the holy Ghost (baptism). The scriptures teach they are the same...references in this good article
When is a Person `Unequally Yoked' Together?The scriptures forbid the "yoking" of unequals in worship and in marriage. Sound information on this sin which is fostered by false ministers in Christianity.
Where is the Antichrist Now?The Antichrist is here, but to see him the Spirit of God must "reveal" it, just as the Apostle Paul said. Read this article and have him revealed to you!
What "Sound" did the Spirit Make in YOU?!Jesus said that you hear the SOUND of the Spirit every time a person is born again! What is the "sound" and when did the Spirit make a sound in YOU?
When is a Person Sanctified?Sanctification is the work of God, setting apart a person or thing for His purposes. When does sanctification occur, and how is it accomplished? Find out in this good article.
Is the Holy Spirit a Person?Is the Holy Spirit a person? What does the Bible teach on this subject, and why are God's people told that they must believe this doctrine? The honest will search for the truth despite what they already believe!
Does God Ever Allow Divorce?Many of God's people are cruelly criticized and given wrong advice about divorce. Divorce may be the only righteous alternative for some. Your questions are answered in this excellent article.
Why is "joining your local church" a Sin?Most believers are encourage to "join their local church". Sounds right - but an impossible deed for those who have the holy Ghost. Find out why!
Why Are Communion Ceremonies Idolatrous?The Christian ceremony of "taking communion" is anything but good. It is simply another "dead work" fulfilled in truth by Jesus in everyone who believes!
How Does One Find a Good Pastor?God's people are hungry for "good shepherds" - but where are they? This article will show you how to find a good pastor God's way!
Which Denomination is the Right One?This article answers this most important question... there is only ONE right way - which one is it?
How Does Jesus' Blood Wash Sin Away?Why is the "holy Ghost" called the "blood of Christ", and how does the Spirit wash sin away? Question answered here!
Why Must One Become a "Jew" to be Saved?Why is it still required for a person to become a "Jew" to be saved in the end? This article tells what becoming a Jew really means to God!
Which Day is the Sabbath Day?This article examines what God says is the "true" Sabbath, and tells us how to properly keep it!
Do People Receive the Spirit "Twice"?God's people are told that they receive the Spirit twice. Once on believing, and a second time when being baptized with it. This article explains this false doctrine in detail.
Is Speaking in Tongues a Gift?Many errantly teach that speaking in tongues is merely a gift. This article shows that tongues is a sign of the new birth, and given to all who believe.
Why Will "Works" Save Us?Why did Paul say works will not "save", but James said faith without works is dead? This article clears this important matter up!
Should Believers Pay Tithes Today?Find out who should tithe and why, and why most of the children of God's tithes are paid to the wrong people!
What's wrong with "Getting Saved"?Have you been deceived by today's "come and get saved" doctrine? Get free from this false teaching which most of God's people have taken in.
Should the Body of Christ be "politically active"?A sober message warning of the "withering" effect political activism has on those with the holy Ghost. Why God's people must flee from evil ministers who encourage political activism - Jesus has not sent them!
Is Water Baptism Necessary?John the Baptist's water baptism pointed to the baptism Jesus gives. Find out why water baptism is now considered a "dead" work by God, and no longer for the true believer today.
Where Do You Go To Church?Misunderstanding the meaning of the word "church" has resulted in confusion and division among God's people. Find out how to repent of this sin, and be united with your family in God.
Is Christianity the Body of Christ?Is Christianity the Body of Christ which God has ordained? Find out why it is possible to be baptized with the holy Ghost (born of the Spirit) and NOT be a part of a divided religion.
"Must Every Believer Speak in Tongues?"Explains why EVERY believer speaks in tongues the moment they are born again, for speaking in tongues is the sign that one is truly born of the Spirit.
"When Were the Disciples Born Again?"This answers why it is vital to know that the disciples were born again on the Day of Pentecost, and how important knowing that will help us today.
"Did Jesus Receive the Baptism of the holy Ghost?"Did Jesus receive the holy Ghost baptism? Did he speak in tongues? Read this article which answers these difficult questions.

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