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Who is Really Seeking God?

I sat down at the computer, and clicked on our web page. As it came to screen, the ever familiar words on the home page saying jumped out at me: "...if you are SEEKING this blessed experience (the baptism of the holy Ghost), this page is for YOU!" It made me consider the phrase "seeking God." What does one who is seeking God in this hour do? If you are seeking God, you are seeking to "come out." God's people in any Christian denomination are NOT seeking Him if they are not hearing that cry. And they are NOT obeying Him if they are happy in a place where the Spirit of truth is being quenched.

Let me explain: the Spirit is calling every Spirit-baptized person OUT of Christianity's sects, denominations, or NON-denominations. Most people find themselves in some Christian group because they think that doing so will please Jesus. But if a person is seeking the will of God, they are hearing a voice saying, "come out of this". No matter if they have been there a day, or fifty years . . . they are hearing a voice telling them that they don't like it there at all. There is no "malice" with that message - it is full of the love of God, and a love FOR God. If you are participating in a "Christian" service, and if that is fulfilling you, then you are NOT seeking God. You are not obeying God. If you have never heard this message before, then this is your answered prayer - IF you are seeking the real Jesus. You will hear it, and you will obey it if you are really seeking God. But if you are content in the Christian group you belong to, or if you stay there because you know of no other place to go - then you are at this very moment - "making shipwreck of your faith".

The holy Ghost did not baptize you into ANY Christian denomination - but rather, into a fellowship where Jesus' desire is that he is worshipped "In Spirit and in truth" (Jn 4:24). Your resting place is among this group, and this group ONLY: "for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, THEY are the sons of God" (Rom.8:14). The only place you will find peace for your soul is among the saints who are obeying God. Now you have heard this gospel preached - know that you will not be saved in the end if you remain in Christianity AFTER hearing it. God will not have it - He will only have those who obey him 100%.

What must you do? You must forsake "Christianity" entirely - as lovely in appearance as it is. In reality, it is an abomination to God. That's what GOD thinks of it, and what else really matters?

Jesus said, "that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God" (Lk.16:15). And what is it that man holds most dear, but his lofty Christian doctrines, creeds, teachings, and ceremonies, which omit or relegate to a secondary position the power of the Spirit of God? Men learned long ago that to proclaim a gospel with no real power and truth is the most lucrative business on earth. People will pay enormous sums for a gospel which offers them an appearance of holiness, and which allows for an incomplete submission to the real Spirit of God. A gospel which merely claims to bestow righteousness, rather than actually providing it by the power of the Spirit, is the single most valuable product in the marketplace of human hearts. And the more eloquently a man is able to expound upon and justify such a gospel, the more praise and money will be extended to him by a very grateful congregation.

"Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits" (Is. 30:10). This is Christianity, also known in the Scriptures as spiritual Babylon. An attractive place filled with unclean spirits and with ungodly, deeply religious men. This is Babylon, the proud, beautiful city of lies. Babylon, the pretended friend of righteousness and truth. Babylon, the great hiding place of sin, which offers a haven to souls who desire the benefits of Christ, but disdain the reproach of his holiness. This is Babylon, where God is worshipped, but not in Spirit and truth, where men sing praises to a God they hate, where ministers are hired to proclaim "doctrines of devils" concerning a Lord they do not know, and where those who come seeking God are slowly poisoned into confused submission to spiritual death. All who practice, or financially support, Babylon's self-willed worship also must partake of her reward from God.

"My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the Lord" (Jer. 51:45). Babylon is where God's Spirit-baptized saints worship together with those who cannot worship in the Spirit because they don't have it, or don't want it, or in some cases, don't even believe in it. Babylon, then, is where the perfect lusts of the devil are performed, where men worship God in style, rather than in spirit and in truth. And in order to "deceive", and to give it a veil of righteousness, they name it after the one whom God sent to save: CHRISTianity.

When Jesus said, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do" (Jn. 8:44), he was speaking to respected "pillars of the community" who despised the adulterers and murderers of their society. What then were the "lusts of the devil" which they would do? Jesus explained: "For a pretense make long prayers", "rob widows' houses [for their ministry]", "compass land and sea to make one convert", "love the chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets, and to be [given weighty titles] by men." Understand this! Obvious sins such as theft and whoredom are not Satan's "lusts" for men, for they are unworthy of his cunning. Even the ones committing those sins know they are wrong. Satan despises those who do obviously evil deeds, and his ministers rail against them. Satan's successes are those who have acquired his appearance of righteousness, and serve God as Satan does - in their own way - and who are so deceived that they "preach" that deception to others (cp. 2Cor.11:13-15; 2Tim. 3:13). They "promise liberty in Christ to others while "they themselves are the servants of corruption." These are Satan's successes: highly-regarded ministers who eloquently persuade people to believe that their sins are washed away by the blood of Christ before, or even without ever, receiving the baptism of the holy Ghost! Satan's successes are Christianity's ministers. Jesus warned us of these men.

"Many shall come IN MY NAME and shall deceive many." This is Babylon. Stained-glassed snare of souls, where death is loved. For those who yearn deeply for spiritual life, Christianity will never suffice. "The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall abide in the congregation of the dead." Proverbs 21:16

Child of God, please obey God and come out from among the spiritually dead. If you do not, you will die with them. It is your calling. Do not be afraid to leave Babylon. Let God be your fear. Let God be your dread. Jesus waits for you, outside the gate of that cursed city. "Let us, therefore, go out to him, outside the camp, sharing the contempt that he endured." If we obey his pleading voice now, we will be cleansed and received by the Father. But if we resist the gentle, earnest call of the Spirit to "come out from among them", we will not escape the terrible wrath which God has determined for Babylon the Great and for all her members. The love of God, my precious friend, is not a partaker of other men's sins. If we truly love people, we will by example show them the way out of sin. If you are "unequally yoked" in worship with those who deny in any way the holy Ghost, you are missing God's greatest blessings and disobeying His most clearly revealed will. The point? If you are in ANY Christian denomination [without desiring in your heart to "come out"], you are not seeking Him, and you are not obeying Him. And despite whatever else you claim, that is the TRUTH.

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