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Come Out of Her My People

One purpose for our gospel tracts is to be a source of encouragement to God's children who are hearing the voice of the Spirit, but don't know what to do with it. Many we have talked to thought they were going "crazy" or were the only ones hearing the call to "come out." So this message is delivered to you in hopes that you will pursue the course Jesus has set for his faithful children.

There is a revolution coming. It is a revolt of sincere followers of Jesus against the religion they have joined themselves to. Those who are seeking to do the will of God sense its coming and are being prepared for it by the Spirit. Those who are intent on maintaining an appearance of righteousness without the substance of it will be shocked and indignant when it happens.

But it will be the work of God, and it will not be stopped. And those who are staying alive in the Spirit are realizing that to keep the "blood" of spiritual life flowing, they are being led "outside" the walls they once took comfort in.


In Genesis 11, man made his first serious effort to reach heaven by his own knowledge and power in the territory which later was called Babylon. Thereafter, the name Babylon was often used in connection with any place where unordained religious activities occur. Later, in the history of Israel, Babylon became infamous as a place of captivity for the children of God. Many Old Covenant people of God were taken in chains to ancient Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar. So, to combine these two meanings of Babylon, we see that Babylon is (1) the place where men labor to reach heaven without Godís anointing or approval, and (2) a place where Godís people dwell in bondage.

Godís people are now scattered among the hundreds of sects which make up the religion that today is known as "Christianity." Not one of those sects or "divisions" is of God; and yet the holy Ghost baptized people are there. Oh child of God, this is not a message against you, your group, or your faith - please don't take it as such. This cry is an encouragement for you to follow the Spirit's voice you are hearing!

When holy Ghost baptized people are persuaded that something else is equal to, or superior to the baptism they received from Jesus, the spiritual blindness that follows makes Satanís most successful lie in human history believeable: namely, that belonging to Christ is the same thing as joining a religion - including the religion bearing the name of "Christ" Jesus ("CHRIST-ianity")... for after all, He is the one we love most!

Jesus did not come to start "Christianity" or any other religion. He came to set us free from sin, sickness, and death. The vibrant faith depicted in the book of Acts is not what we find among God's scattered children today.

The apostles warned that it would happen (Acts 20:17-35), and they actually saw it taking place before they died (Gal. 1:6-7; 2Tim. 1:15; 1Jn. 2:18-19). What we have now is an unholy mixture, where carnal men rule over Godís saints. When holy Ghost baptized people mingle their worship with those who don't have or want it, it is an ungodly place of incomparable confusion and false claims.

Unholy Mixture

Mixing life in the Spirit with religious rule, ceremonies and traditions has never succeeded in leading believers into the knowledge of God, and it never will. You must come out! Holy Ghost baptized believers (those who speak in tongues) do not belong in any place where people who have NOT had that experience are told they have been born again. To do so is to say that the baptism Jesus purchased, and the one that puts us into the body of Christ (1 Cor.12:13) is unecessary. Such thoughts will kill you, child of God.

Awake to righteousness! Jesus died to free us from the darkness of our own ways of living and worshiping God. Joining one of Christianityís sects is not a work of the Spirit in oneís life; rather, it is something the flesh chooses to do, and it neither honors the Son nor pleases the Father. It is a deed done in the flesh by the will of man, and it has no place in Godís kingdom. ďCome out of her, My people!Ē

A Divine Commandment

God has been very merciful and patient with us, but in the final analysis, we must choose between being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ or being a faithful member of a hopelessly divided religion. ďCome out of her, my people!Ē That, my dear reader, is a divine commandment, not a carnal suggestion.

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