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Evidence of Speaking in other Tongues, (or those who are seeking this new birth experience!)
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"By one Spirit are we all baptized into one body..." (1Cor.12:13)

Questions About The Baptism of the Holy Ghost? We're Here To Help With Free Gospel Tracts & Teaching CD's!

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Just Like You Who Have Received the holy Ghost!

Yes, God is still moving! Are you perplexed by the divisions and denominations that divide God's holy Ghost baptized people? Do you want to know more about the baptism of the holy ghost? Are you longing for the "truth", and wanting to hear about speaking in tongues, the power of God, miracles, and healing?   You are not alone - we are meeting people around the world who are hearing the voice of the Spirit. We are here to encourage you to with videos, teaching tracts, music, and more.

After reading and watching the videos of these wonderful testimonies of the power of God in people's lives, feel free to call us with YOUR testimony or questions at: 1-866-505-3787.

One reason that the holy Ghost power seen in the bible is absent amongst us today is a lack of understanding of the New Birth. When is a person born again? Who is really in the body of Christ? When did the disciples have a "born again" experience? These are questions God's children, sadly, are NOT asking!

Find out why the holy Ghost baptism is NOT an "option", but a necessity - order a FREE Gospel Teaching CD & Set of Tracts Below (due to postage costs, we mail to USA addresses only, one set per person/per address limit).

Select ONE Free Gospel Teaching CD, Sent To You By Mail

The New Birth Message Sampler - Few of God's children ask the question, "When is a person born again?" or, "When were Jesus' disciples born again?" Do you know the answer? This sampler CD offers several messages on why the baptism of the holy Ghost is the New Birth. We will also add a "live-meeting" CD & 5 teaching tracts, all FREE of charge. To order yours,
"What is Salvation?" Teaching CD - One of the most misunderstood doctrines is that of "getting saved". Why are Christian ministers telling people to come "get saved", when Jesus himself said, "they that endure to the end shall be saved"? This CD exposes many false claims and myths and we add a "live-meeting" CD & 5 teaching tracts, all FREE of charge. To order yours,
Isaiah 58 Radio Program Sampler - This CD has 6 sample radio programs on a variety of topics ranging from the New Birth, to Salvation, to The Return of Jesus...and more. If you are full of the holy Ghost, you will be blessed to hear truly anointed teaching by pastor John Clark. We will also add a "live-meeting" CD & 5 teaching tracts, all FREE of charge. To order yours,

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