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So few are talking about the most important experience that God has ever given to man: the Baptism of the holy Ghost.

The Apostle Paul said: "...Without the Spirit we are none of His (God's)". To belong to God, we must have His Spirit (the holy Ghost). Jesus said it another way: "You MUST be born again." Receiving the Spirit and being born again are the same thing. We are put into the body of Christ through Spirit baptism, which is, the baptism of the holy Ghost (1 Cor.12:13).

Receiving the holy Ghost, or being put into the body of Christ, or being born again - these are three terms that describe the same EXPERIENCE. This is how it was for the disciples of Jesus when they first received the holy Ghost in Acts 2. Their experience came with a "sound" and the Spirit SPOKE through them with other tongues. Other places in the Bible speak of "stammering lips", or "magnifying God" - but in every case, in born again people, one hears the "SOUND" of the SPIRIT, true to Jesus words in John, chapter 3. Download our free Spirit Baptism Book today!

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10 FREE Gospel Tracts

Order a FREE sampler set of 10 of our Gospel Tracts dealing with the holy Ghost baptism and other vital topics. This sampler set is mailed to you absolutely FREE of charge.

Spirit-Baptism Literature

An assortment of gospel tracts and booklets centered on the necessity of experience of the baptism of the holy Ghost, with the evidence of the sound of the Spirit!

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Online Video

Watch and Listen from live meetings where the gospel is preached, sang about, and received by hungry souls who believe in the holy Ghost. Hearing the truth, and seeing it, builds faith.

holy Ghost Music

Music can often touch the heart like nothing else can. Listen to songs by musicians who sing about the power of God, and sing clearly about the holy Ghost in their music.

holy Ghost Testimonies

Read and be encouraged by the testimonies of those who have been touched by the power of God. If you hunger and thirst for the holy Ghost, these testimonies are for you.

Teaching Archives

We have assembled one of the finest archives of pentecostal gospel tracts, books, & other literature, many items dealing with the holy Ghost baptism & speaking in tongues.

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