Isaiah 58 Broadcast

If you want to know more about the holy Ghost baptism and speaking in tongues, or you are seeking this experience, you've come to the right place!

Links to Gospel Music by Musicians Who Believe in the Baptism of the holy Ghost and Speaking in Tongues, and will SING about it!

I'm Here for the holy Ghost and Fire!

Watch Gary sing his song "I'm Here for the holy Ghost and Fire" in a live meeting of holy Ghost baptized believers. That's the reason for believers to gather and be blessed.

Holy People, by Darren Prater

Darren's song "Holy People" tells us the truth about what makes someone holy. It's not by any earthly thing - it's by the holy Ghost, which sanctifies us unto God.

My Religion's Not Old Fashioned

Listen to brother Earl Pittman sing that good old fashioned Pentecostal kind of gospel music that talks about the power of God and the moving of the Spirit!

Stammering Lips & Speaking in Tongues by Donna Nelson

Donna Nelson singer her song "Stammering Lips and Speaking in Tongues. Donna reminds us what God said the sign of the new birth would be!

It Was the Day of Days - (Live), by Gary Savelli

Gary Savelli sings his song "It Was the Day of Days." It started at Pentecost, and it ended with our own experience receiving the holy Ghost - what wonderful day in our lives.

You Still Gotta Speak in Tongues! (Live), by Gary Savelli

Gary sings "You Still Gotta Speak in Tongues" in a live meeting. Man can try to get right with God all kinds of ways - but Jesus says, "you still gotta speak in tongues!"

Watch and listen to many more gospel songs on our YouTube channel. Many of God's children have never been in meetings where the holy Ghost is sung about. We pray this will bless you like nothing else can! Watch and listen to our music videos now: holy Ghost Gospel Music on YouTube